Horseradish root

Horseradish root added to a herbal rub, ointment or liniment helps to ease joint pain, sciatica and carpel tunnel syndrome as well as strengthens blood vessels and improves blood flow. . 

Encourages age spots to fade and stimulates circulation and helps counteract many age related changes.

We buy the fresh Horseradish root, slice it, and it can be added to home made salves or added to paper tea bags. 

Horseradish is rubefacient, an agent that stimulates blood flow below and to the surface of the skin. As such, this action makes the herb effective in poultices and as a very effective liniment or massaging agent to relieve muscular aches and pains, painful arthritic and rheumatic joints, and chronic rheumatism. As an external rub, horseradish has been used to relieve chest congestion.

natural antibiotic against different types of infections because of their known toxicity to specific bacteria and fungi, as well as their ability to increase blood flow to the infected area and more rapidly remove the waste products from that region of the body.


2oz White Willow Horseradish ointment $18.60 glass jar  

 4oz Comfrey/Horseradish/Arnica Injury Balm $24.50 frosted glass bottle of liquid salve with additional healing herbs and oils [for wax added let us know]