Devil's Club root bark


Devil's Club, Oplopanax horridum aka Ginseng family

Air-dried root bark and recumbant stem.  

Devil's Club root bark ready to use
Devil's club root bark being prepared

Devil's club root bark and recumbent stem.  Oplopanax horridum, [araliaceae] Found growing and harvested by our family in Cascade Mountain range (around 3000’ elevation) where the air is pollution-free and no pesticide or chemical fertilizer has ever touched the soil. Optimal harvest time for Devil's Club Root occurs in late October through early March when the roots contain the highest level of medicinal constituents.
The plants have large leaves (similar to Maple leaves) and very prickly stems. Height of the plants ranged from about 1 foot to 5 feet tall. The root is dug and the bark is peeled off the root with a knife, then snipped into little pieces. Very time consuming work. If you would like your treatment prepared with real Devil's Club root bark, it is important to have the real thing.
The devil's club root bark is believed to be a powerful herbal healing plant for hard to heal ulcers,
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