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Herbsfromhome.com is a home-based family owned and operated business, specializing in bulk herbs hand picked by our family, as well as health giving home prepared skin salves.

Herbs can be purchased as fresh or air dried. Harvested in optimal seasonal conditions.

Fresh, fragrant and health giving from Washington state, especially the Cascade mountain region and/or harvested in our clean garden soil, grown with natures own fertilizer and Comfrey teas, red worms and worm castings. Solar air dried in Arizona's special dry climate.


 Our herbal skin salves are home prepared contain only herb[s] and carrier[s] of healthy oil[s] with natural scent, preservative and healing powers - that nature - in her infinite wisdom provides...the treatments contain no unwanted and un-needed added artificial dyes, bleaches, deodorizers, fillers, harsh chemicals, harmful preservative, petroleum or narcotics.  


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                        E-mail address: safesalve@msn.com

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Check back with our website often- we are constantly adding new products and exploring ways to improve the benefits of our offered products.